The Perks of Living at Loomis Lakeside for Senior Independent Living

Retirement is a big phase in life. A big chapter in someone’s adult life. While it is the signal of something ending, it is also a beginning. Sometimes, you need find a new place that accommodate this phase. That is what a retirement community does. They offer a few perks that you may not have access to in your current home.

One of the perks that a retirement community offers is continuing care. One of the big questions asked by seniors is, “what is a continuing care retirement community?” The answer to this is as varied as the individual in that retirement. It encompasses all of you different social and medical needs. As your medical needs increase, the community steps up to accommodate these needs. Often, continuing care covers all aspects of your medical needs from a very independent senior to one who needs twenty-four hour care.


Another perk of Loomis Lakeside senior independent living is that it connects people who are at the same stage in their lives. This allows residents to build friendships with people who have common interests and hobbies. Friends can help keep your mind active and help you when you are feeling the effects of living in a brand new place. Getting the opportunity to build friendships is a very important part of keeping socially active.

One of the biggest perks of living at Loomis Lakeside is that this is one of the last moves you will need to make in your lifetime. Moving is a chore, and when you know that you do not have to move again, you can be at peace about it. This allows you to make lasting friendships and adapt to changing medical needs as time goes on. Your friends are still close even if you move into a building that allows more access to medical cares. Thus, you stay in the same community and don’t have to start over in a new area when it is harder to reach out to people because of health limitations.

A continuing care facility, sometimes referred to as a nursing home, does have some notable advantages over living alone. While retirement is just another phase in life, it can still be fun to live. Having a place that can handle all the medical issues that a senior faces at this phase in their life is a bonus during retirement.

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